Hominids: Doubly Wise Man

by: Kaila Parkin

Homo Sapien Sapien

Some scientists believe that these abilities were able to contribute to the development of complex language, one of the capabilities that makes us fully human.

In easier terms, scientist believe that capabilities that Homo Sapien Sapien (Doubly Wise Man) have was that they formed a hard language, like modern humans.

Some natural resources the Homo Sapien Sapien used are the following. They attached thin blades to bone, antler, and stone to create a wide variety of tools. Also they fashioned needles for sewing animal skins together. They built shelters out of stone.

physical Discription

Doubly Wise Man looked a lot like modern human likes us. They had round skulls and large brains. Also, they have small teeth and thin bones. They are 5-6 feet tall.

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