Genetic Disorder Project

Huntington's Disease
By: Meghan McBane and Sureyya Sanchez
Block 4


Are genetic disorder is on Huntington's disease. It is a nerve disorder that effects your brain. It makes it hard to think, talk, and move, because it kills off the nerve cells in the brain. If you are a parent that has this disease or a carrier of this disease then your child is likely to get it. Some symptoms that are associated with this disorder are jerking, contracting muscles, slow movement, abnormal eye movement, impaired posture and balance, difficulty of speech, and difficult to swallow. This is and sex linked disorder. The popularity of it is about 100,000 in each half of the world. It is detected or diagnosed by being asked questions, and taking test about the symptoms. This disorder is caused by a defect in one of your genes.

Fun Facts

Most people who have Huntington's disease develop symptoms at around the age of 30 to 50.

People loose protein and about 25% of your brain cells.




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