My journal

My name is Morgan Hildebrand, and i'm 19. I'm for the confederacy and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm going to be writing this book from February 20th- 25th 1862. I'm living with my husband, and my sister, and her fiance. My husband and my sisters husband are going off to war tomorrow.

Thursday February 20th 1862

Today was a pretty boring day. All i've done all day chores. When I woke up I had to go get the horses ready for my husband and my sisters husband to go off to the war. Then after that I had to walk to the stream behind my house to get some water for breakfast. After breakfast I had to go milk the cows. Then I cleaned up the house and took a quick little nap. When I woke up I had to make dinner, then I had to clean it up because my sister cleaned up breakfast. Then I had to feed the goats, the horses, and the cows. I helped my husband and step brother get to the war.

Friday, February 21st 1862

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