Teenage Survival Kit

By: Dylan Howard, Traylor Sharp,  Jared Saleeby, Tyler Hampton

      The life of a teenager has proven to be one of the most difficult things that a human being must face. Any adult will tell you that being a teenager is a challenge, but who better to ask than an actual present day teen. With being a teenager comes many priorities and standards that are expected of you at home, school and other extracurricular activities. By weighing out the average teens work load and busy schedule, a common pattern is made known. Many teens have a blown up schedule, meaning they have "a full calendar" or "a lot on their plate". With the stress and pressure of being a teen and having some responsibility, comes several difficulties that bare down on the majority of us.

     Peer pressure, depression, drugs, puberty and bullying are all common things that are faced in this modern day society for teenagers. Sometimes we feel overworked or in some cases under-worked, which gives a teen the impression that they are useless or unnecessary. All of these things can grow from bullying, peer pressure, drugs, etc. Few people realize the more intense lifestyle that is used today, especially in the teen world. Life revolves around popularity and friends, not the more important things like family and responsibility. As seen in Shakespeare's play of Romeo and Juliet, we see many of these teenage hardships and dilemmas. From Juliet's love for the enemy to the heartbreak that is birthed from tragedy, the play is a great example of teenage survival in a crumbling world.

     Take this Teenage Survival Kit to heart and use it for your benefit! We will try our hardest to provide insight and knowledge that will help guide you through the bouts of a teenage life, meaning the thick and thin. Give us a shot and see what good can come from digging deeper. Below the surface of a problem. Find a solution!

     Above is a video that covers all 5 major points in our Teenage Survival Kit. From puberty to depression, all of the difficulties mentioned in the video are things that a lot of us go through, but the good news is that there is a way out of your heartache. There is always hope even through the worst of situations.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressuring is an active problem that occurs every single day. No matter where you go or what you do with a friend, there is some form of Peer Pressuring. Peer pressuring is when a friend convinces you to do something. It can be very little like eating two waffles instead of one or it can be major like convincing you to take alcohol or do drugs. Many friends do this for their own amusement but when is it too much? Usually if you have to think about it or you know it’s bad that's probably a sign saying, "Don't do this!"

    The video above demonstrates what can happen if you are peer pressured.  The guy on the right, Traylor Sharp, explained how he was once peer pressured into doing something he doesn't want to do.  This lead to being grounded, and probably more consequences that he didn't mention.  While, the person on the left, Dylan Howard, went more into detail about what peer pressure really is.  He said it starts at an early age, and happens throughout life.  Peer pressure will never go away no matter how much you try.

    As shown in the video, peer pressure, can have numerous outcomes. The teenagers inside this video showcase the things can happen if you fall for peer pressure. Peer pressure is one of the biggest gateways to almost all the other things we'll talk about. If your "friends" are forcing you to do things you don't want to do, DON'T DO IT! They are not your actual friends, they are just trying to seem cool. Teens who often fall for this are just trying to fit in. Often they have a voice in their head saying you know you shouldn't be doing this. Yet they ignore the voice to fit in. Even though the effects are numerous depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug addictions, smoking, etc. Another thing about peer pressure is that it is another form of bullying.

     Inside the movie Finding Nemo there is peer pressure.  When Nemo is with his friends, his friends ditch class to go touch the butt (boat).  Nemo at first doesn't want to.  Yet his friends continue to urge him to touch the butt. Nemo finally touches the butt, and gets kidnapped, and could have died. The point to this is that your friends could lead you to do deadly decisions that could cost you, your life.

     "I think that no matter what you're doing as a teenager, you're going to be presented with peer pressure." -Sara Paxton. That quote is 100% true. Everybody in their lifetime will be face with peer pressure. Not one single human being is above it. Yet, when the time comes you need to be able to say no. Peer pressure isn't easy to say no to, but if you try hard enough it will not ruin your life.

      Overcoming peer pressure is one of the hardest tasks a person can do.  It's going against what your "friends" want you to do.  Defying "fitting in", and being "cool".  Peer pressure is something that is difficult.  Your whole life you can try to avoid it, but it won't avoid you.  No matter what you do, it will find you.   The only thing you have to do is say no, and walk away from it.   You might be made fun of, but that is okay.  People are probably going to tease you, and call you names for not doing what they wanted you to do.  That is okay, that means you are smarter and have more sense than they do.

     In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo peer pressures his cousin. He makes his cousin, Benvolio, go with him to the Capulet dance when he didn't want to. If Benvolio stuck with the answer "No" and made Romeo stay home, then Romeo would've never met Juliet and died together. Little things matter because they can change something really big. In this case, Romeo and Juliet's lives.


     Depression was something that not only teenagers experienced, but also the whole U.S. back in the Great Depression. Things were not going anyone's way, many things were lost, it wasn't right. Depression for a teenager is the same thing. Sadness towards a teenager follows into Depression, and Depression often leads into a teenager believing that there is nothing left for him, sometimes even suicide. However, there is always a way to get over it. It's always best to try and cheer yourself up, have someone help you out of the situation, and even have hope for the future. It's never easy to overcome it, but it never is allowed in life any longer than you think it should.

     If only Depression never really did exist. It tears people apart, it forces them into madness, and it can even lead to death! Depression may not be easy to overcome, but if you look towards the future, you've got a start going towards it.

     Depression fell upon everyone in the ending of Romeo and Juliet after the two of them died. Yet, Benvolio still knew that the two tried to make the future better through marriage. So, when he paid his respects in the end, he was almost like an inspiration to the two families at war with each other, with hope for the future. That is an example of how Depression can be overcome. As mentioned, it is never easy, but can lead to greatness in the ends.

     This video definitely does explain the effects and solutions in terms of depression. There are many things in life that can result in Depression, although, like the guy said, if you can't overcome it, you eventually think there is nothing left for you to go for. But, none of that is true! SHUT THEM DOORS AND OPEN NEW ONES TOWARDS YOUR FUTURE!

     Once again, this video explains solutions and effects of Depression. Although, this time, it was from a professional that can handle the situation well. Although, if you do not know this person, a suggestion would be to go see a person just like him. Remember, Depression is something that can tear you apart. Get out while you can, and go find a new path towards your future.

Click on the button to go to be led to additional help on overcoming your battles of depression.

     Just like with the rap, this website section describes the effects and solutions of Depression. It talks about the definition of what Depression actually is and some ways you can recover from it. They say to start small and to stay focused because this can help you move out of the state of depression. This is related to real life depression because when teens enter depression it is really hard for them to get out of it. Also, when they get out of it they usually force themselves to go back into the state of depression. We need parental guidance so teens can escape depression and live an easier life.


     Another such solution is getting out into the sunlight to bloom out of your problems. In Pokémon X/Y, this reference is made by Looker, who comes across a homeless orphan named Emma. (This is an image of that quote from a YouTubevideo of the game. Video Link above.) Although, Emma eventually starts to think that she is just getting in Looker's way, leading to more Depression. This is also mentioned after the Lumiose Gang was taken care of; Emma still thinks she's getting in Looker's way, even asking him about it. Looker promises that he will keep Emma safe, but Emma still doubts him and herself. Even a Teen like Emma could easily have this same problem: being offered a home, but still in Depression for many reasons new and old. After the events of her working with Team Flare's lieutenant, Dr. Xerosic, she eventually learned that she never was getting in Looker's way, but merely pushing herself into depression once again. Eventually, she was cheered up, even after Looker left the region to go turn Xerosic into custody.

     If you did not see the look in Robert's eyes, you obviously have not read the entire summary of depression. That is what he just felt. Losing a loved one is not fun, animal or otherwise. Depression has always torn someone apart, and this man just about began it upon losing Sam. If you were just laughing at him, wait until YOU end up in it, and someone laughs at you (Of course, no one should be laughing at Depression.) He had an honorable friend, someone who was always there for him. Don't let Depression take you down if you lose something or someone dear.


As mentioned in the above video drugs ruin lives. Not just the person who takes drugs, but the people around him/her. Friends and family are affected by this, and are sometimes hurt worse than the actual person abusing the drugs. Why would anybody even want to put her parents through that? Is it really worth it? Is it worth losing your friends over?

     Drugs are another big problem that faces us teens in the modern world today.   As we mentioned before peer pressure is one of the things that push teens to do drugs.  Other times they just find it as an escape route.  There is also the feeling of wanting to fit in with their peers.  Sometimes teens are just bored with their day to day life, and just want something fresh and exciting in their lives.  More reasons are that they want to feel grown up, they just like the feeling of getting high, they want to rebel.    

     The video above talks about why you shouldn't do drugs. It showed how the Drug Pirate use to have a good life. He had friends, a best friend, he was the captain of the football team. Then he started on drugs, and his body, breath, and just everything about him started to smell. He got moody, and started treating his friend badly. He then lost everything that was important to him. Now he is poor, and can barely put shoes on his feet. Would you want to wake up every day stinky, poor, and lonely?

      In the movie Flight, starring Denzel Washington, is about an alcoholic/drug addict.  In the movie the main character is a pilot, and one day flies a plane high.  The plane begins to crash, and he barely lands it.  Throughout the movie he continues using the drugs, and drinking.  Because of the drinking/drug use, all his friends, family, and his girlfriend leave him.  Yet he still doesn't do anything about it.  Later (spoilers ahead) he ends up in jail, and gets his act together.   The point of this is that drugs/alcohol ruined his life and put him in jail.  This could happen to anybody, (not the whole plane thing, but the drugs/alcohol thing) and the drugs could put in you in jail for a long time, or possibly for life.   

     Above is a link to an additional website that will brief you on why drugs are of great detriment to your health and the people around you. Take this research and put it to good use. Let it scare you. Let it change your mind on certain things so that your life can be lived more abundantly.

    In the William Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet, Romeo and Juliet both do drugs. First Juliet takes a drug that makes her sleep, so she can be with Romeo. Later her family throws her a sad funeral. Romeo finds out, and follows and takes poison. Which leads to his death. After he is dead Juliet awakens to find Romeo dead. Finding this out she commits suicide. The drugs led to both of their deaths at the end of the play.


      Puberty is another concern that we have all gone through. Puberty is a stage when the human body stats making some changes mentally and physically. Some teens have it later than others but when it happens it is a very affecting on a teenager. This causes the person to feel in certain ways leaving them feeling isolated from everyone else. We need to help every teen out there to come through this and be able to walk around without it being a problem.

      This Podcast is a great example of how teens are affected by Puberty. It talks about the age when Puberty usually starts. It says who usually has Puberty first and it mentions the similarities between both genders during Puberty. Also, it states how teens are afraid to talk about the subject of Puberty. This is a very hard part of a teen's life and they need all the assistance they can get.

    This is relevant to a real teens life in many different ways. The reason, Puberty usually starts around age ten and ends at sixteen. Also, girls usually start Puberty before boys and, of course, boys later than girls. Teens are usually are afraid to present Puberty to their parents because they don't know how to. So they hold off and end up feeling left out and awkward. This is why teen's need to let a parent or some adult they trust know so then they can have an easier teenage life.

     This song illiterates some of the changes and troubles that teenagers go through when they hit puberty. Some of those changes may be how you think about a certain gender. You gain feelings for somebody in a good way and you feel compelled to have someone there beside you. Also, you gain sense of self respect, in other words, you feel more mature.

     Relevancy occurs here because in real life, us teens, feel compassionate towards having a girlfriends or boyfriend. It may just be you like someone certain and you don't know why or you do know. Often times, when this happens, many people rush into relationships and end up regretting it later. It is better to wait on starting one and if one starts don't get to serious. You have your whole childhood ahead of you and if you give somebody else your childhood and something unfortunate happens then it is all wasted. We also feel like we have more control over our life. We feel like me can stay up later and make our own decisions.

    This can be related to the story or play of Romeo and Juliet. Inside the play, Romeo and Juliet meet each other inside a party. Right away, they fall in love thinking they are meant for each other. They become so compelled to one another they can't stand being apart. A rumor spread that Juliet has died which causes Romeo to suicide and when Juliet finds out Romeo suicides off of a false rumor, she also suicides. If they did not rush and move into something to serious they have lived way longer.

This video well explains the stages of Puberty. It talks in depth of each stage and it relates it to its audience, us. Actually, everyone goes through puberty and we all struggle with it and express how we deal with it in our own way. It shows how some people get very aggressive and interruption and some people feel great distress and depression. This has been an ongoing issue throughout humanity and it needs to be addressed so that the teen can be more at ease.

This can be related to the actual style of Puberty. This may be very useful to know because if you be aggressive and be at an unreasonable state you will get in trouble. Also, if you’re at a sad state of mind you will get nothing accomplished. Life is very hard and you need the best state of mind for you to make it and that is why we need to help these teens out so they don't end up depressed and furious.

"Once you get over that peak of puberty, you hit a nice stride."

This quote was once stated by Claire Danes because this is what usually happens when you are almost done Puberty. It describes how life will be easier and way better when Puberty is almost over. Also, it says "peak of Puberty...," which means the final stage of Puberty. That can mean you gain a little more weight, strength, and mental stability.

This is relevant and useful because this quote given by Claire Danes is true and always will be. Also, the stages of puberty; growing, mentally, physically, and emotionally van be very hard. Once it is over, life is way easier and it is way easier to operate. Again, again, and again this will be pointed out that we need to assist teens to be able to pass through puberty more easily then we have.

     This website is a great source to find information about Puberty. There are many of the common questions and the answers to them on that website. It gives you most of the basic information on Puberty for the both genders. Some of the information given may be how long Puberty lasts or why it happens. Again, this is fantastic source because it answers a lot of questions teens are afraid to ask.

      This is relevant and true because when most teens start hitting the first stage of Puberty they are afraid to ask the questions. Then the parents usually start to notice and they sit down with you and have a "talk". This is very helpful and this usually gets the teen confused about the whole thing of Puberty but later realize it is not so bad. Puberty is hard at first but with the assistance of these sources, your parents, and your friends you can make it through it.


     Bullying is truly a universal issue that we all, whether we are aware of it or not, we all have been involved with it insome way, shape, or form. Not only is it a universal/mutual problem, but the fact that it slips by society's perspective is a more disheartening subject matter. Teens who live in this broken and shattered world should know because we face it every day, whether or not we are playing the role of the bully or playing the role of the bullied, we all still see it.  

     Here in this short podcast, Jared Saleeby speaks about the impact of bullying and the effects thereof. The fact that many people around the world experience or witness bullying is disheartening because the issue remains incredibly legitimate. Even though there is a lot of things that people can do to prevent bullying, very few even try to put an immediate halt to any kind of bullying, merely because they're afraid to stand up for what's right.

     This video is a great demonstration for what many teens go through at their schools and homes. Many teenagers don't understand how to cope with bullying, therefore they feel the need to fill that void with addictions along with a large variety of problems. It is believed that most of those who are bullied are more likely to commit suicide than someone who had never been bullied in their life. This issue has been made more prominent through the years, but we teenagers still have yet to find a solution to this problem.

     The best way for a teen to overcome verbal, physical and cyber bullying is to consistently remind themselves about how much they really are worth and how many people there are in this world who truly love them. The most difficult aspect of bullying really lies within the one who is being a victim of bullying. When a bully projects these lies to a victim that their lives are valued at little to no cost, those lies begin to develop in the heart and mind of the teen being bullied. Most teens will allow those thoughts and lies being told to them to resonate, which allows them to become more than just a slandering word or phrase. The victim begins to be ever so effected by the verbal and physical thrashing to the point where they begin actually believing the lies that are being told to them about their own worth.

     Traylor Sharp and Dylan Howard once said, "Bullying is something that everybody faces at least once in their life, and it can lead to extreme outcomes." Some scenarios would be comprised of infractions in the school hallway, classrooms and sometimes at other places. The main reason behind bullying is the fact that there are so many teens out there that are insecure and unstable in their social status. Sometimes the people who bully are actually the ones who are insecure. All this world needs is someone who will stand against the issue we most commonly know as bullying, then we can make a difference. We can make a difference together.

    This Anti-Bullying Rap was developed to bring peace to those who are being bullied. This video also stresses the fact that bullying is not cool by any means. When people see someone being bullied, they should not stand by and watch as someone lampoons an innocent person! Rather they should act accordingly and take action. Be different and change the outcome of the situation by intervening. We all can agree that this is easier said than done, but all it takes is one incident to push a teenager over the edge of emotional stability. Think about that. Make a difference today instead of repeatedly putting off the fact that something must change.

Above is a link to an additional website that will give you exclusive information and tips on how to clear the hurdle of bullying.

    Juliet, of the Shakespearean play Romeo & Juliet, is one of the hidden examples for a bullied victim in our society, yet that does not change the fact that this particular character is as a matter of fact a brilliant example. Juliet experience great stresses and tribulations from her own father and mother! She is bullied and treated in an ill manner by her own parents! Can you imagine that? Of all the people in that play it had to be her parents that brought on all of the verbal discrimination and disapproval based off of her love for Romeo. But Juliet was no going to waiver in the eyes of man. Rather, she stood firm in her feelings; while sometimes that can prove to be foolish, on this occasion it brought peace between the Capulets and the Montagues even though it ultimately brought death upon Romeo and his lover Juliet.

     Through all your hardships and difficulties we must remember this consistent and incredibly solid truth. You are worth more to this world than you will ever know, no matter how often you are told otherwise. Don't listen to the stupidity and foolishness that proceeds from the mouths of young people and sometimes your elders. Focus on the truth that never changes. We all are worth something; something great.

Character Blog Posts


     It was upon this very evening that I met eyes with my new first love. It is of dire necessity for me to meet her and get to know her more intently. I saw her across the room during the party and realized her beauty within the lights of the chandeliers. If only I could see her one last time upon my request I would request for her to appear to me at this very moment, and then many more moments after that one. I believe her name is Juliet, according to my cousin, Benvolio. I fear that fate will not allow us to meet once more, but then again, fate will be on my side in regards to love. Love doth forever and ever in my soul for she hath smitten me with her all mighty heart. I desire to have a deeper relationship with this goddess of a lady. My foolish love could prove to be of great destruction but if it means I get to have Juliet then I will gladly disregard all others. As of tonight all one can do is wish upon the stars of what will come of the morrow, but I desire to seek out my lover for when we met eyes tonight I knew what had to be done. I plot that late this evening I will run after her. Where ever she may be I must find her for this love inside of me cannot be held in much longer lest I burst. Wish me well for I am off after my beloved.


Today Romeo will have to leave the city, and I have mourned. Why did murder have to take place? Why must our families feud over things so stupid? I must go do something so I don't fall into despair. Nurse says that depression could creep up to me, if I don't attempt to be cheery. Yet tears continually fall from my eyes. What shall I do now? Romeo is the only man for me, without him depression will creep up to me.

Tybalt and Mercutio are now both dead. Tybalt murdered Mercutio, which caused Romeo to murder Tybalt. My cousin’s death upsets me, but Romeo upsets me more. I love him more than life itself. I wonder what must be done, so that we can be together once more. For Romeo holds my heart until death. I will never love anybody as much as I love him. He is the sun to my sky, he is the wind beneath my wings. If I could do anything to stop this I would, but my say does not matter. Only if there was somebody who could reunite us. I would be grateful for eternity. Then on top of all this there is the fact that I am engaged to Friar Laurence. I will never love him, we do not love each other. What is the point in getting married? Depression is slowly entering my life.

Lord Capulet

Thou unmuzzled lily-livered malt-worm. Please excuseith me for my foul words. I don't meanith to bite my thumb at my single diamond, Juliet, but she has bit her thumb at me. I never expected her to be disobedient in this household nor towards thy own father. I understand how thou must feelith. Being forced into a marriage after the break of dawn but if anyone can understand she is the last hope to carry on the blood of this family. I promise you that I am no bully and that no bully will ever bully my princess. But now, I fear a fear that will not retreat unless my fear has lost the sense of fear. I fear Juliet feelith depressed. That all of thou's flowers hath died and all of thou's feelings hath escapeithed. Hath Juliet ever die I do not know how i could live onith throughout the rest of lifeith. I hope it never has to reach that extreme.

I that hope, Hope will give me reassurance that tomorrow beith better then any other day. I don't see tomorrow turning the other cheek. Prince Paris is a lovely soul who hath brought no more than peace to Juliet. Maybe i worry too much. Juliet may hath had an outburst but that can't lead her into feelith depressed. After the wedding, I'm sure everything shall be fine and Juliet will show as bright as the sun. She will still live in the palace. She'll have home and charming prince. What can go wrong. Tomorrow will be the greatest. I should haste to bed so I may have my servants cook a great feast in the morning!


"It has been several days since the exile of my cousin from here in Verona. I may have failed in saving my friend, Mercutio, but, saving Romeo was harder than I expected. Thou wretched fool, Tybalt! I hope you enjoyed your victory over the two before your demise! Depression has fallen upon me because of thou, but I am not the only victim. Juliet has been drowning in sadness because of thou! Her time with Romeo could have saved all of us from destroying each other, but you were merely opposed to this idea. I know not of any proof of this, but I can assume that when the two first met, they already were going through problems. When they started being together, happiness flourished from both of them. When they got married, they began the bond that could connect the Capulet's and Montague's families into one, where there would be no more chaos and war! But still, as already mentioned, you were opposed to this. Why? If you had cooperated with us, we could have been an alliance that could have protected all of our town! But your recklessness cost Romeo, Juliet, and nearly all of the two families at war with each other. I only hope that your time in the afterlife is painful, because you deserve it after this madness. Thanks to you, Verona is already starting to fall apart into depression, sadness, anger, chaos, and corruption! I can't even stand it because of thou molt-faced, jaded, rabbit-sucker!"

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