Email Etiquette

By Cody Hansen

1. Do not send emails in all caps. People might think that you are angry.

2. don’t forward viruses. Either you can get the virus, or the other person can.

3. Don’t open or reply to spam. Spam can give you viruses and trick you into giving your personal information.

4. include a greeting. A greeting like Dear (name) or Hello (name).

5. Be careful what you email others. It only takes one click to forward that information to the entire school.

6. Do not use text speak. Like LOL or BRB. It's an email! your not texting your friends.

7. Avoid long sentences. It can get boring if it happens to much.

8. Try to keep your email brief.(one screen length) Most people don't want to sit and read a really long email.

9. Write in a positive tone when writing. You want to have a good attitude about what your doing.

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