The $100 Bill

Your Headline

Carlson quickly conceals the $100 in his pocket, “Hey!” Carlson yelled, “how are you, you old coot?!” He yelled aloud again, so that Candy can hear him. When Carlson look more closely at Candy, he realized that he was wearing a long face; (He’s unhappy) a dejected look. Candy looked up at Carlson, “Can you speak a little louder? I’m sure that everyone in the entire ranch didn’t quite hear you.” He said in a snarky tone. Candy’s dog, that’s practically a moving fossil, walked slowly to the nearest bed and sat down. “Hey!” Candy yelled at his dog and attempts to gently shove it off the bed.” Well, I better get cleaned up before the bunkhouse smells like manure. “Carlson said as he attempts to walk out. Just as he touch the door. Candy says “I maybe old, but I’m still the sharpest tool in the shed. We need to talk.”

“Talk about what?” Carlson said innocently, “I didn’t steal nothing” Candy, not paying attention at the dog anymore, turned and faced Carlson. “I didn’t say anything about stealing.” Candy snatched the $100 from Carlson’s pocket, “You realized that you can get canned for stealing other peoples’ belongings, okay?” Candy said ominously. For the first time, Carlson was silent, but he made a gesture; rolling up his sleeves as if he wants to pick a scrap with Candy. “I reckon you give that back to me, if you know what’s best for you, old man. Candy was silent, staring back and forth at the $100 dollar bill and Carlson, and there was a pause. “Ha! What’s wrong with your legs? Are they shaking? Do you have ants in your pants or something?” Carlson smiles as he’s gloating on Candy’s situation. Candy’s frail, but determined eyes looked at Carlson’s own two eyes, and said,” Me and the boss know each other for a long time. In fact we are friends and if someone were to harm me…” He intentionally didn’t finish the sentence. It was now Carlson’s turn to pause and Candy’s turn to gloat; although Candy didn’t spoke a word, he crossed his arms with a smirk on his face.

“Alright, fine.” Said Carlson angrily,” How about we go to town together and-“Candy interrupted Carlson and said, “I don’t want to hear it. Get out or else I’ll tell the boss on ya.” Candy said clenching the $100 bill in his hand, and pointed his finger to the exit. Carlson stormed out, mumbling all the while. Candy slowly closed the door that Carlson forgot to close. “I hope that no one, but you heard that discussion.” Candy said, looking at his sleeping dog. Candy looked at the $100 dollar bill and puts it back in George’s leather satchel and placed it on George’s bed. “I swear. Why do people steal?” Candy said to himself and opens all the windows in the bunk house, because of the smell of manure before he gets his dog. “C’mon get up!” The dog reluctantly agrees and Candy and his dog were out the door.

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