Colton Burpo

Biography Paragraph for Mrs. Hemry 8th grade Language Arts class made by H.W.

Colton Burpo was born on May 19, 1999

Significant events in history that affected Colton's Life

  • Almost near death in hospital
  • Heaven
  • Grandfather

Colton's Childhood

Colton Burpo grew up in a christian home with a mom, dad, amd a sister Cassie. One day colton got very sick and had to go to the hospital. the doctors could not find out what was wrong with him. They finally realized what was wrong with him, his livers where about to burst. They rushed him into surgery and Colton died, but the doctors did not know it. Colton had went to heaven and they did not know it, because God had saved him and let him live.

People who influenced Colton's Life

  • Todd Burpo- Colton's dad, he is the one who lead Colton to the Lord.
  • Sonja Burpo- Colton's mother, she aslo lead Colton to the Lord  with her husband Todd.
  • Cassie Burpo- Colton's older sister, she gave him happiness in his life.

Unique facts about Colton

  • He was saved when he was four years old.
  • He went to heaven and back to earth by the grace of God.
  • His mother had a miscarriage, and he got to see her in heaven.

Colton's accomplishments

  • Colton tells people about God every chance he gets, and his amazing story.
  • Colton surviving through surgery at such a young age.
  • Colton always doing what God is asking him to do.

The theme of Colton's life is...

The theme of Colton's life is to tell everyone he knows about God, and his amazing journey to heaven and back. That is also what God's will is for him to do.

Word's of advice that Colton has taught me is....

  • " Thou shalt not wander for I am with God" a verse Todd Burpo quotes in his book.

What I think colton taught me is to not wait for your chance you just have to go for it, and that you have to have faith in God no matter what the circumstance is. Colton is a living example of what God wants us to be and we should all try to be like him.

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