Edgar Allen Poe was a famous american author. when he was born on January 19 1809 in Boston. His father left early in his life and his mother died when he was at the age of three. So he went to live with wealthy tobacco merchants. Frances and John Allan lived in Richmond Virginia and they only took Edgar in as their kid not his siblings. Frances and Edgar got along but john and Edgar never got along because of personal issues and when Edgar went to the university of Virginia, John never gave him enough funds to pay for the school so Edgar tried gambling to pay for it and ended up in more debt.  even worse the allan's neighbor and Poe's fiance had gotten engaged to some one else . Poe left the allan's

Poe published Tamerlane and Other Poems in 1827, aarter these poe wanted to go to the westpoint army academy. He got in, in 1830 but before going he also published Al Aaraaf, Tamberlane, and Minor Poems in 1829.  Sadly he was kicked out for his poor duties.   After that poe focused on writing full time.  From 1831-1835 that is when he met his 13 year old cousin and married her.  Returning to richmond he went to work for Southern literacy messenger. He published some of his works in the magazine such as The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. In 1845 Poe's poem The Raven this was the greatest of poes works. The Rationale of Verse.He also made another interesting tale, The Cask of Amontillado, and poems such as Ulalume and The Bells.  Poe was de by the death of his beloved in 1847. He left Richmond on September 27 1849 and was on his way to Philadelphia. he was found in Baltimore  on October 3 and was in horrible condition and was rushed to the hospital.  He died on october seventh.

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