Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay is a very interesting person

She was born in Gradizhsk, Ukraine November 14th, 1885 and died in Paris, France December 5th, 1979. Guess who she is!!!!! You guessed right, it was Sonia Delaunay and I am going to teach you about her so get comfortable!!

Do you know where and with whom she studied artwork with? Well I do and I will teach you about it!!! She studied artwork with Robert Delaunay in Paris, France and made artwork with Robert Delaunay also in Paris, france.

Do you know what her original name is? Well if not than you will know after you read the next sentence. Her original name was Sofia Illinitchna Terk.

She originally designed pottery and fabric. isn't that amazing?

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you what kind of art form that she is known for! She is known for creating cubism artwork.

Do you know what cubism is? If not you got lucky!! Read my next paragraph and it will tell you what it is.

Cubism is an art form where you use different shapes to look at pictures in different angles.

If you want to know how i feel about this art than read the next paragraph.

When I see this art form I feel energized but sometimes I fell sad. I guess it just depends what colors and shapes there are.

Her artwork is very interesting. I will put three pictures of her artwork and two examples of another artists artwork.

Sonia delaunay (d'apr├Ęs) "composition abstraite"
flamenco singer
All three of the pictures up here are Sonia Delaunay
Robert Delaunay
Robert Delaunay

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