forgive not

Left in a world so cold by the one who appeared as your 
''Ill never leave your side'' he  said until the day I die
what he claimed to do
and what he claimed to be was all a lie
locked behind my tears to
to face my fears
listening to the sound of the ocean swaying back and forth
lost but I will never forget the lies as you hide behind the truth
hoping one day I could forgive you
see some kids cant handle it
causing depression
and insanity
but I just see you as a person that will never
see your kids grow
a person that will look back on all of the memories
you lost
and try to catch up with time I paint a smile on
around you because if you saw my real smile
it would hurt you
you will never gain the respect   
and pride to hear that's my dad
he's a wise guy
but thank you because it didn't hurt
me I never never knew you
you deserve an award ill give it to you
my love for you is redundant not need it
and you will never see it   

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