5  Interesting

       (Pick your Favorite)


By Cars I don't mean the movie but referring to cars as a topic. Its really awesome that they have been created. They are very helpful in our daily life as a form of of transportation. But there is many different kinds of cars like race cars,buses,normal cars and trucks.One of my favorite cars is the Mazda Furai race car.       



Movies are very entertaining for most people, there are a lot of different kinds of movies like comedy, action, romance, cartoon and biography. A lot of movies are usually previewed when there is something to do with it like a celebration (for example) Home alone in Christmas and Frankenstein in Halloween.    


Speaking of entertainment in my opinion I think that they are the best type of entertainment because different combinations of shows like Family Guy, Sponge bob and many more. One of my favourite shows is Kung-Fu Panda (legend of awesomeness).      


School can sometimes be very boring and also in other times it can be awesome. But actually its your choice to make it fun or not. Its can be fun if you follow the rules and listen to your teachers. But trust me if you follow the rules and listen to your teachers you will think school is awesome.    

                           Top 5 Meals

1. chicken pot-pie                    
2. Steak
5. classic sandwiches    

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