NCLTI | Unpacking Problems of Practice in Our Work


October 10th | From Data to Action

Data Driven Decision Making

Event Time | 9:00AM - 3:00PM

This data session allows opportunities for participants to enhance their ability to support stakeholders through a deep dive into data use and interpretation. In this session participants in job-alike groups will explore how to a) improve collaboration between PLCs and data teams to produce data driven cultures in classrooms, schools, and/or districts by leveraging data to improve instruction, b) manipulate and make data more accessible to the users, c) simplify data manipulation by leveraging SchoolNet data and reporting features, and d) interpret data, identify the story the data tells, and make changes to practice as needed.

October 17th | Empower Your Schools & Districts

Home Base

Part I | Home Base Overview | 8:30 - 10:30

Part II | Exploring Instructional Tools & Resources | 10:30 - 3:30

This two-part session will allow opportunities for participants to learn more about Home Base. In Part I, participants can learn about the suite of tools and resources that are available through Home Base. We’ll provide an overview of what Home Base is, show you the kinds of things educators can find and do in Home Base, and explain how it’s all connected. In Part II, participants will be guided through the instructional tools and have the opportunity for hands-on learning about Schoolnet, OpenClass and the professional development system. Participants will learn about the main functionalities, see real examples of the types of resources that are available to educators and gain a deeper understanding of each system. We will highlight some features and resources and then give participants the opportunity to try it out for themselves. Participants can choose to attend Part I, Part II or both sessions.