Be the boss of your learning!
Challenge yourself because YOU CAN!

What's the problem?

Ask your teacher for a number. Then create a problem to match.

1. Use 2-3 operations
2. Use 4 operations
3. Use fractions/decimals
4. Design a 1-2 step word problem
5. Design a multi stepped word problem

Submit it via Google form

Where in the world?

Find real examples or images where the math exists outside of math class.

1-2 examples
3-4 examples

What are you curious about?
Where is the math here?

Looking at this image, what comes to mind and how does it apply to math?

5 questions
10 questions
10+ quality questions

What's your word worth?

Assume each letter of the alphabet is worth its place in order.
And so on.

Can you find words worth exactly one hundred points using addition?

How would this task change if you could use ALL operations?

What if your target was exactly 500 points?

Find a 500 point word and you can teach your method to the class.

How do you motivate kids to do this work?

Can you link tasks with points or token economy rewards?

Ask the students, provide choice, create options, and be flexible.

HW pass
Pts toward Learning Checkpoints
Lunch with ______ pass