feel nervous I can feel the sweat drip down my face. I sway side to side the boy throws the ball in the air and swings at the ball. He hits the ball and it flies at me like a jet.I see the fire in the boys eyes and his fists clench his ractet. He lifts his racket and sways side to side waiting for the ball to come  

I scrunch my face I tense my muscles. I can taste the sweat and the sliver in my mouth I look at the opponent like an Eagle stalking its prey he hits the ball to me I feel the shock from my racket rumble up my arms. I see the ball speeding away. I watch the sweat flying off the ball in mid air. The crowd cheers me on as the boy stares at me. 

The ball hits the boy in the face and he drops to the ground and bleeds. I was happy and hit teeth were cracked and smashed. I pulled my hand to my face. I can taste the sweat. I see the green court and the net standing streat at us. i see crowd booing me of the green court. 

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