The NCSA offers student-athletes distinct advantages in the college recruiting process.

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Founded in 2000 to aid students in securing sports scholarships, NCSA matches college-bound athletes with top programs at an affordable membership cost. With the cost of a four-year college education approaching $80,000 at some Division I schools, NCSA has a proven record of not only gaining athletic scholarships for its members, but doing so at schools with notable academic programs and excellent graduation rates for their athletes.

Vanderbilt University football alumnus and NCSA founder Chris Krause understands the cost, time, and intense competition involved in exploring athletic programs. Each year, over 7 million high school athletes aspire to play sports at an NCAA college or university, yet the odds are not in their favor. The entire NCAA system accommodates a mere 2 percent of these millions in its 27 major sports. Far less than 1 percent are awarded full scholarships to Division I institutions, while more than 80 percent of all athletic scholarships are available at smaller Division II and III colleges and universities.

Since its inception, NCSA has added 400,000 student athletes to its network, which contains over 42,000 coaches. Determined to help all talented student athletes, NCSA offers memberships at a monthly cost of as little as $50, along with program scholarships for students who cannot afford membership. As a result, more than 90 percent of NCSA student athletes have gone on to play college sports, with scholarship awards that have averaged $18,000 a year.

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