Thomas Robinson

Robert Waltons boat when he finds frankenstien

Robert Walton was on a journey to find a passageway to the north pole and is writing letters to his sister telling her about when he finds Victor

Victor becomes friends with Robert

Victor explains how his parents met and how they liked to help people

Victor finds a magic science book that gets him interested in science and a thunderstorm catches his attention when lightning breaks  tree

Victors mom passes away

Victor meets a professor that decides his future  

Victor creates a 8ft tall man that is hideous looking

The monster kills Victors little brother and frames Justine

Justine confesses and gets killed

the monster is lonely and asks Victor to make a female monster so Victor starts to make it but tears it a part when he sees the monster smiling at him

Victor is falsely accused of killing his best friend

Elizabeth gets killed on there wedding night

Victor was a mile from the monster and the ice broke

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