The 2015 Lakewood Ideation Challenge

Are you up for the challenge of bringing your startup to life?

The Challenge:

Do you have an idea for a business or product which absolutely needs to be brought to market? Are you willing to put some time into actually making that happen? The City of Lakewood’s Ideation Challenge is just for you.

Simply submit a single-page Business Model Canvas and single-page Validation Plan along with preparing a 2-3 minute “elevator pitch” -- and you could win a prize package of services to help bring it to reality.

The Prize Package:

You'll get access that many local entrepreneurs would envy, including a 1:1 lunch meeting with successful entrepreneur and current Mayor of Lakewood, Michael Summers.  Other parts to the prize package include

  • 2 one-hour pitch coaching sessions with area entrepreneurs, including the City of Lakewood's Entrepreneur in residence, Mike Belsito.
  • Custom-designed Wordpress website (with up to 10 pages of content) and up to 6 months of free hosting, courtesy of The Dubis Group.
  • A free ticket to Industry 2015 -- a conference about building, launching and scaling new products ($595 value)
  • A free digital copy of "Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us."
  • More prizes soon to be added!


  • Interested candidates are invited (but not required) to attend the Startup Lakewood Open Office Hours on July 28th.  
  • Applications must be submitted via email - August 14th
  • Finalists will be contacted if invited to give an elevator pitch - August 17th
  • Finalists present their Elevator Pitch during the August Startup U event - Tuesday, August 25th at Mahall's on Madison.  (NOTE:  it was previously noted that this was on the 24th, but this event is on the 25th).
  • Winners are announced during the September Startup Lakewood event - September 22nd.

Note: All applicants should be available, if requested, to pitch live at the August 24th Startup U event.

Click here for all official details. All submissions may be emailed to

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