the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club : a movie you'll NEVER forget

By Aurélie Desrosiers-Arslanian

Who said HIV/AIDS was a taboo subject? All around the world, millions of people are affected by it and we always try, in various ways, to raise awareness. Weither in advertisements, articles or pictures, it always has an impact on our thinking. Despite the fact that we are exposed to a lot of things which sensitizes us, the best way to touch people is to make them watch a movie such as the Oscar-winning ''Dallas Buyers Club''. This movie does not only remove fears and judgments from everyone’s head, but also alert them on a very important topic.

The movie sets in the 1980’s, marked as the decade of permissive sexual practices all around the world, but especially in America and Africa. The main actor, Matthew McConaughey, is presented as an homophobic partying Texan who works at a rodeo, who later contracts HIV from a hooker. The setting of the movie could be banal for anyone, but actually, this problem affects way too many people in our society. As an HIV victim, the main character was against the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because the FDA thought that ‘’providing natural and pharmaceuticals products emerging in Japan and Europe required clinical tests before they could be made available to HIV suffers’’. The main actor, Matthew McConaughey (Ron Woodrof), then took the problem in his own hands to fight against the failure of the medical community. What is beautiful is that he really stood up against this corruption but also for every HIV/AIDS suffers, by selling them ‘’illegal’’ products in the United States to help them, but also himself, live longer.

Through the whole movie, we see a beloved human being blooming and fighting too hard to stay alive. The character of Ron Woodrof, who at the beginning was known to have a heart of STONE, later turns out to have a heart of GOLD. I think that Dallas Buyers Club really sheds lights on the subject and helps us to be more preventive. The movie, just like the main actor who became a savior for a lot of people not only in the movie but also for the viewers, really raises awareness by sending us an important message: DARE TO LIVE.


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