Thomas Jefferson

Man Of the People

Thomas Jefferson , Who Goes By Many name such as Sage Of Monticello , man of the people , Long tom and also a posle of the constitution.  An american founding father , the principal author of declaration of independence , and the third president of united states.

Born: April 13 , 1743 In Shadwell , VA

Died: July 4 , 1826 In Charlattesville , VA

Party: Democratic - Republican  

Interesting Facts:

Thomas Jefferson Had Thousands Of Books and loved reading almost anything even if it was written in Latin.

He Sold 10,000 of his own books to U.S. library of congress

He Designed and began the university of Virginia.

He Was Born Of 10 Siblings.

Thomas loved to gaze and examine stars , planets , and comets

Where he was Born and Died

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