Rockin Antient Eygpt

Kady Sehr__Phynxer

This is a pyramid

A pyramid has a tomb, Pharaoh's were buried in pyramids.

The pyramid is important because its where they buried the kings after they died. They were buried there for afterlife, so they could meet with their soul for afterlife. The pyramid is important to Egypt because the people believed that the pyramids kept the body safe. Also that they made it safe to afterlife. For example, King Tut, was buried in a pyramid.

This is mummification

Mummification is the prossess of preserving kings for the afterlife.

Mummification is to keep the body protected so it could meet up with its soul in the afterlife. Also, they remove the lungs,small intestines,brain,stomach, and the liver. They throw the brain away though because they thought it was useless. The significance of mummification is that we can Lear A LOT about ancient Egypt. For example, King Tut had the proossess of mummification preformed on him.

This is the Nile River

The Nile River is what kept the Egyptians alive.

The Nile gave ancient Egypt fertile land for farming and growing crops.The Nile River is the longest river in Africa and in the world. The Egyptians lived and farmed around the Nile because it gave them good crops. Without the Nile River Egypt I would not exist.For example, the kids played in the Nile and the women washed clothes.

This is a pharaoh

Pharaohs were the kings of Egypt.

Pharaohs were the kings of Egypt. After they died they had mummification preformed on them and the got put in a tomb. There were a lot of robbers who robbed the tombs. The significance of the Pharaohs is that it lets us see what they looked like,how old they were, and why they died. For example, king Tut he was 19 when he died, and they think he died of a broken leg.

This is a painting of food in ancient Egypt

Food is part of their daily life

the Pharaoh wanted his people to eat good. They had plenty of food to keep them healthy because of the Nile River. The rich ate beef which was very expensive. They had a sweet tooth and made bread that was like cake. The significance is that food kept them alive too, and had different choices of food to pic from. For example, fresh bread, onions, and vegetables are some of the choices they had.