Melt Proof Container

Physical Science 9

Group Members:

Anna Welch
Erica Larijani
Isaac Rainey
Ashley Siegle

Cost List:

Item:                               Cost:

Felt                                 $1.00

Wax Paper                    $0.90

Cotton Balls                 $2.50

Tape                              $2.50

Small Plates                 $0.30

Large Plates                 $0.30

Overall cost:                 $7.35


1)  11:40                         -10 degrees

2) 12:40                         -9 degrees

3) 1:40                            -6 degrees

4) 2:40                           -5 degrees

5) 3:40                           -2 degrees

Job Analysis

I do think our product did meet the requirements and I'm proud of our achievements. We came up with some great ideas and ours started at the lowest temperature. Over the course of four hours, it went from -10 degrees to -2 degrees. I am glad to say that with the few materials we had, we met specifications. Our team worked very well together but the one thing that was challenging was coming up with the ideas on what to use for better insulators. The cost was more than we expected but yet inexpensive at only &7.35.

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