Technologies for At-Risk Students

Technology for Teachers

iPads/Tablets: This technology allows a span of options in the classroom. An iPad and tablet have many apps that have been created that can help to engage students and enforce what the teacher is teaching. Students can take quizzes on the iPads. They can also record videos or make animation slide shows about what the teacher has taught them. A tablet is also great for note taking and researching.

Computers: Computers are one of the greatest pieces of learning technology that you can utilize because most schools will have computers. A computer is great for group projects and to help the teacher enhance their lessons. A computer works well for the back of the classroom type project where students go in groups and work their project. They are great resources for creating power points and simply teaching the kids how to type. An iPad can do most, if not all, of what a computer can do, but not all classrooms will have an iPad, so it is great to see what you can do on a computer.

Interactive Whiteboards: The interactive whiteboard allows the entire class to participate, and really promote student learning. The whiteboard can be used for math, history, science, art, and other subjects. In history you can use maps and draw on them to help show where things are and where travelers went. In science you can draw pictures for the visual learners. The whiteboard has many features that make learning fun for the student, but also reinforces what they have been taught. It is great for both students and teachers.

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