Learning to Teach
Day 10: Continued Stations

Today seemed to be a good day, despite being a Monday. Students continued to work on their stations. There were a few questions about the activities, and it seemed that most of the stations seemed to be taking up the time that I had assigned, however I started to feel that maybe I have assigned a bit too much when it came to the partner project. I have a major research project where we will take a trip to the library for a few days that I feel I can not move the days being so close to them. I felt I wanted to give one more day for the partner project, however I don't think I can. Most students as I went around in my classes seems to be doing aright except for my last period class.

This class seems to be a little apprehensive to some of my activities and instruction. This might be because I have not had as much time with them as my other classes, and ideal they are behind a day because of the early dismissal during my first week. While the feel I get from the class I have assigned is too much, it might just be because we are a bit behind and possibly because they just did not expect to be doing so much work. We will see how the projects come out tomorrow.

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