Claudio Bieler

Kansas City  #16

Name: Claudio Bieler

Date of Birth: 03-01-1984

Place of Birth: Vera, Santa Fe

Current Club: Sporting Kansas City

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 171 lbs.

Has played in Major League Soccer league for one complete season and is currently in his second one. In his first ever season with Sporting KC he and his team won the MLS cup. He was also a starter for most of the 2013 season and even managed to score goals in his first two games, a feat that only one person before has achieved.

These are the titles that he has won in his International and U.S career.


LDU Quito

Sporting Kansas City

Claudio has expressed intrest in playing for equador even though he was not a citizen. He is currently now a citizen after many years, but is still not eligible to play just yet.

He currently has no children and no wife but is dating a girl from Equador.

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