Fighting for Freedom?

Laurie Halse Anderson choose this source "Common Sense" for this section of the book Chains because it shows a contrast. It shows us how the patriots wanted freedom so badly and yet they all were keeping people enslaved. For example in Common Sense Thomas Paine explains how they should have a voice and England should not be able to dictate them. Although in the book Chains the master was agreeing with Thomas they gave the slaves no voice and took away all of their rights as the patriots are fighting for their rights. Another example is when isabel informed the pastor that Miss Finch freed her and Ruth the pastor and Mr. Robert ignored her and she was never freed. This shows how the americans were just as bad as Britain. Therefore Laurie Halse Anderson choose Common Sense as a primary source to show you how incredible that americans could be so determined to earn freedom yet they are so enslaving and taking away other people’s freedom.

I choose this picture because it shows just how badly these people want to be free and how they are determined to be free, although they are very attached to their own slaves and taking away others rights because they are just worried about themselves