By: Eithen Allison

Animism was created in Africa, it is also the oldest belief system. They were people who followed strong beliefs, and they were very respectful to the spirits of nature. They are very religious with there beliefs because they worship there ancestors. They were a traditional belief system.

Shintoism originated in Japan, even though they had no holy books. they believed in the spirits of "Kami", including their emperor (God like). they also had a great respect for the natural world.

Hinduism originated in India, and that's where they stayed. There holy text book was the Vedas. they believe in reincarnation where ones soul is reborn into another form until perfection in reached. The Hindu tried to lead a good life in order to keep moving towards perfection.

They originated in India, but soonly moved out. They had no holy txt book, there main belief was that if you end your suffering by ending your desires. There affect was that they learned to accept what life brings them.

Taoism originated in China, there holy book was called the Tao Te Ching. There belief was following the way of nature, except the things you cannot change. There affect on our culture is that the didn't challenge the natural process, and they accepted things as they come.

Confucianism originated in China, and the Hold text was Analects. there main belief was that all people need to accept there role in society. There beliefs affected our culture by giving a great deal of respect to parents, elders, and the country.(Filial Piety)

Judaism originated in the Middle East, with there holy text book, the Torah. There main belief was Monotheism, and that's when god will send a Messiah to them someday. the belief affected our culture by trying to follow the gods laws, so that the messiah will come known as the Ten Commandments.

Christianity originated in the Middle East and they brought the Hold text book The Bible. They believed that they only had one god, and that Jesus Christ is the son of god and that he is the messiah. They affected our culture by many simple rules that won many converts to Christianity. they were also know for the "5 Relationships".

Islam began in the Middle East with the Holy text book Qur'an. They also believed in only one god, and they followed Allah in all things above everything else. The person who spread the word of god was Mohomadis. They affected our culture with the religious laws of Islam that are so important they often became the political laws of the nation.

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