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Kylee Olson

These mobile apps are all available on iTunes and intended for iOS enabled technologies. You can access the app on iTunes by clicking on the photo associated with each app. They are all intended for students in elementary school, and specific grade levels will be noted under each app. Let's make mobile learning fun and interactive for our students!

Image from iTunes

Numbers League is a math app that engages students in a game world of super heroes and villains, all while teaching them basic math skills. The game is available on iTunes for $3.99 and is a great way to teach students math skills in a fun and mobile way. This app is geared towards lower elementary grades.

How this app can be used in the classroom: For practicing and learning the math skills that students will need this app is a perfect choice to engage the students. It focuses on addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division. The app could be used after the basic concept has been introduced by the teacher to give students time to practice their newly learned math basics. There are different levels and customization options with this app as well which is fantastic for a diverse classroom.

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Google Earth is available in mobile form from the iTunes store and is a fantastic app that allows students to view the world from their mobile device. You can search up foreign countries, or even your own backyard, all with the touch of your finger. This app is also free, and can be used for any grade.

How this app can be used in the classroom: Students learning about a specific country or place can look at the geography, landscape, and lay-out of cities, farms and much more with Google Earth. The app can be used to locate city parks, routes to and from school from the child's home and has endless possibilities when it comes to applications of this mobile app for students, almost any lesson plan of geography or learning about another place can be drastically improved through the use of Google Earth.

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ABC Spelling Magic is intended for students 4+ and would be most appropriate for kindergarten students who have any difficulty spelling and creating short words. The app allows students to hear and spell words in a fun and easy way that will enable them to begin understanding just how easy it can be to learn how to spell.

How it can be used in the classroom: Student would be able to use the free app to create and spell words, listening to the word being spelt out will help them learn all the letters of the alphabet and how they work together to create sounds and full words. The app will encourage reading and spelling in a fun way that caters to different ability levels and allows for growth with it's two levels of engagement.

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Strip Designer is an app that allows you to create and share cartoons you have made yourself. The app is $2.99 and is intended for middle elementary grades. The app is available on the iTunes store by clicking on the POW! picture above.

How it can be used in the classroom: For students who express themselves and their story-telling ability through picture this app is incredible, with customizable speech bubbles and filters and editing features for photos, students will love telling their story with this app. It is easy to create dialogue and plot through the fun use of a comic-strip, and the students can share and read each others stories as well.

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TapQuiz Maps, World Addition is an app available from the iTunes store for elementary students that is free! This app allows users to search the world, and be quizzed on geography with a fun and colorful app that they can tap on to test their knowledge.

How it can be used in the classroom: This is a great way to test what students know about the world, and where places are located. Progress can be tracked and allows students to see where they need to pay more attention to. The app is great for teaching geography to older elementary students who want to learn more about where countries and cities are located.

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