Hamlet BOOOs Bullying

Scenario #1

Scenario 1:Bullying can cause people to hate there self and commit suicide.If your being bullied,you should speak out and stand up for yourself.Bullying can be name calling,judging people by how they look or act,and what people wear.We need to stop bullying because it is hurting people's lives and they feel hurt.Most of people that are bullied commit suicide,so this is why we should stop bullying now.

Scenario 2:If i witness bullying and me and my friends don't do anything about it,this messages to the bully that we are scared of him or something.Me and my friends could stand up and speak out if we want to stop the bully.If we stand up for someone,our school climate has changed or decreased bullying.This sends a message to the bully to stop or feel that he/she has done a bad thing.