Psychological problems
By: Ainiaya .H.

My story is about the psychological problems that the people in the concentration camps had. People in the concentration camps had psychological problems like cannabalism. They would eat some of their own body parts. Some would even eat parts of their family or friends.

10 Facts:
People would eat people.
People in the gas chambers would hide inside of people to survive.

Psychological problems were due to starvation in the camps.

People were hung if they were no use for work.

The babies were killed because they were no use to anyone in the camps.

The nazies would rape the women in the camps and they would kell the babies.

People would hallucinate due to the gas chambers.

Some would really ferget their names because they had numbers tattoed in their skin.

People would go crazy because they couldn't talk to their family like they would at home.

Some people would have so many people from their family dead that they would cry all the time.

Timeline about the concentration camps:

January 30, 1933: Adolf Hitler appointed chancellor.

Febuary 28, 1933: President Hindenburg suspends constitutional protections in Germany.

March 22, 1933: The SS establishes the Dachau concentration camp.

April 1, 1933: Anti-Jewish boycotts.

May 10, 1933: Anti-Jewish people would burn Jewish holy books.

5 Important people in the concentration camps:

Adolf Hitler: He created concentration camps.

Anne Frank: Wrote a diary about how she lived before she died.

Otto Frank: Was Anne Frank's father and had the plan to go in to hidding with his family.

Johannes Kliemean: Hid Anne Frank's family during the holocaust and when germans were killing the Jews in the concentration camps.

Miep Gies: Help hide Anne Frank's family.

What hero is associated with my topic:

The people who came to help the people in the concentratration camps.

Why is it important for people to know about my topic:

So people now can know how bad people were treated so that people can keep taking care of the world. They should remember this  so noone will maake this happen again. Also, not just the men or women were mistreated all of the people there were really mistreated for no reason.

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