Pets I Want

Hello tackkers! Today I'm going to do a Pets I want tackk that was inspired by @snowlily11 ..... I wanted to do this tackk because I want soooo many animals as pets. So, let's get to it!

The first pet I want is bengal kittens. I wouldn't care if it was a silver or brown bengal but, they are adorable!!!

The next is a snowshoe kitten!! I've always wanted a bengal kitten but when I was browsing cats I found the Snowshoe cat which caught my eye. They are so cute and playful!

Now that I think about it... If I would ever get a kitten, I would be happy with whatever feline I got.

This animal can be a pet. Mostly because my mom had two of them. I'm so jealous... anyway let's get to it. I wouldn't actually have this as a pet because It would take up lots of time and effort just to keep. I wanted to mention this because I'm obsessed with how awesome they are. :3 a fox!! :3

Now onto puppies. I'll probably never get a puppy because I'm more of a cat person but, If I would get a dog I would get... a Siberian Husky!

Huskies are my favorite dogs. They are cute, playful, fluffy, and energetic, like me!

The next dog I would get would be a Australian shepherd! ever since I've played Sims pets on my Xbox360, I've always picked a Australian Shepard for things. They're so cute and fun! aww <3

Lastly, I would pick a cavachon. A cavachon is a mixed breed between a Cavalier and Bichon. I would pick this dog because one of my best friends has a puppy Cavachon and he is just adorable!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tackk and make sure to follow me if you haven't, re-tackk this, favorite this, and tackk on! :3

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2 years ago

ya :3

2 years ago

They are so cute awwww 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗