The Spanish 3 Nations Project

Tell us all about your country...

This project has 3 parts.

Part One: Poster for an exhibit

  • Create a poster on large poster board (see an example below).
  • Draw an outline of your country and fill it with a collage of photos from that country.
    • interesting people
    • plants/flowers/landscapes
    • traditional dress
    • chief exports/imports
    • money
    • famous musicians/types of music
    • flag
    • animals
    • symbol for the country (e.g. bald eagle for US)
    • etc.--be creative!
  • In the margins of your poster, include these quick facts that people will record in their notes
    • currency
    • population density/total population
    • average summer/winter temps
    • current political leader and form of government
    • typical food/national dish
    • 3 most popular languages spoken
    • civil war dates if applicable
    • list of any gangs and approximate number of members
    • famous movies, famous athletes
    • national sport

Part Two: Create a tourism video/presentation

  • Include information that would motivate your audience to visit your country. Ideas include:
    • fun, popular pastimes
    • famous people
    • weather
    • tourist attractions

Part Three: Create a brochure that accompanies your presentation

  • Include information that will help your audience remember why they should come visit
  • Write a Past Tense (Preterite/Imperfect) story about the history or a famous person
    • must be at least 5 sentences
  • Use Subjunctive to tell people what they should do there/why they should go there
    • must have at least 5 subjunctive sentences
  • Use Commands
    • must have at least 3 commands
This is where I will post a photo of a finished product

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3 years ago

Very nice images. So pretty.🐠

3 years ago

Your students were talking about this project the other day. They are excited about it.

3 years ago

Great job, Kim! Student of the Week!