Okavango River


This is the Okavango River, and it's located in Africa.

I'd like to thank the websites that helped me find my research: Brittanica and Wikipedia.

The river is the 4th largest river in Africa , and it's also known as the Kubango River. The river basically runs 1,600 kilometers from central Angola.

The river is known as the Kubango to the Kalahari. The Kalahari desert is located in northern Botswana.

The river ends or terminates in a delta called the Okavango Swamp which is in Botswana. It takes it's name from the Kavango people of northern Namibia.

David Livingstone, a Scottish minister and explorer, found the Okavango. He did this in 1849 and he was the 1st European to do so.

The river forms the Angola- Namibia border and it's elevation height is 1,780 meters long.It's tributaries are the Cuito, Cubango, Cuiriri,and Cuebe. It's longest tributary being the Cuito. To enter Botswana it must flow through Namibia's Caprivi Strip.

The delta spreads out into a triangular shape. The base of it covers 240 kilometers , but the whole thing covers 16,800 square kilometers

The river is 1,056 miles. There have been some concerns about the water usage of the river between Botswana and Namibia.

Namibia has built a water canal and Botswana is using it for tourism.

There, rather than flowing into the sea, it terminates in an area that , especially during the wet season, teems with wildlife in an otherwise inhospitable region.

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