Herbie Husker by SOPHIE !

Herbie Husker.

Above is a photo of Herbie husker. He is the oldest current mascot of the University of Nebraska's Lincoln sports team. He was named national mascot of the year of 2005. He was created in Lubbock Texas, and he was created by an artist named dirk West. Herbie first appeared on the  cover of the huskers 1974 media guide . 

Above is a photo of Dirk West ,and he was the creator of Herbie.He was born in 1930, and he died in1996.

Herbie's makeover.

  Herbie husker has been through a couple of make overs.the most resent make over was in 2003. (As you can see below) Herbie husker wears a red cowboy hat,a red work shirt, work boots,and to complete it all Blue jeans.

Before  2003.

Before  2003 HERBIE HUSKER wore(as you can see below) red and white overalls,a ear of corn in his pocket, and a N on his cowboy hat standing for Nebraska.


If you are in costume of Herbie husker you probably will also be in the costume of Lil' Red.  Lil' Red was made in 1993.  Lil red won two major awards.

Lil' Red is like Herbie's sidekick.  He is usually following Herbie around,having contests with him, or cheering for there team, the Huskers.  As you can see Herbie has lost the dance off to Lil' Red ,but Herbie is still a great mascot!

How to become Herbie.

To become Herbie there are four steps:                                         

#1. Go to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL)

#2. Try out to be a mascot (Herbie Husker & Lil' Red)

#3. Typically new UNO Mascots are Lil' Red for a couple of years before getting to be Herbie Husker

#4. After being Lil' Red for a while, you can be Herbie Husker!  Herbie and Lil' Red attend all kinds of sporting events and also even go to other places, like schools!

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How to become Herbie Husker information provided by Jesse Humpal, former Lil' Red and Herbie Husker 2004-2008.

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