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Alberta Education Program of Studies - Art 10

This Tackk Flyer is designed to show a number of apps which could be used to teach Art 10 from the Art 10 Program of Studies, Components 1: "Extend their knowledge of and familiarity with the elements and principles of design through practise in composing two and three dimensional images".  

Objective: To use digital apps as a powerful tool for the composition of drawings and paintings.

Direction to students:

Part A: Choose an app that will enable you to construct three compositions based on an image you have drawn digitally or non-digitally. If necessary, photograph your original manual drawing and import. Use the software app of your choice to explore, layer, augment and place your digital image (crop, expand etc) within three different unified compositions. Utilize colour, negative, and positive space in your compositions.

Part B: We will use your favourite composition to alter/develop your original manual drawing. Be prepared to rationalize your choices and participate in group critique.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is an illustration app that allows my students to manipulate their images without altering the original, in order to explore compositional options. As well, students can utilize pressure sensitive brush marks, and explore a variety of visual mark making possibilities. It is free and they can use it anywhere anytime and work at their own pace.

Art Studio (for ipad)

Art Studio is a great app you can purchase for $5.99 from itunes. Its a great all-round too to sketch with and manipulate images. You can draw, paint and edit your images with many tools. Its a portable and flexible tool to work through your composition ideas.


Procreate is a very powerful digital illustration app. Many professionals think this is the best drawing and painting app available. It has a very wide range of brushes and tools, is fast and easy. The tools are pressure sensitive and will pick up the sensitivity of your touch. Finger, stylus possibilities. Can easily import a photo or drawing of your own, and work on it further. It costs $4.99 from itunes.

Sketchbook Pro for ipad

Sketchbook Pro for ipad is considered a professional grade painting and drawing tool. It has extensive brushes, tools and utensils and is $4.99 from the itunes store.

Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop

This is a great little app to add to your arsenal! Its only $2.99 from itunes and it is very useful for developing your colour mixing abilities. Create your own custom colours and learn how to colour mix. Apply these skills to your drawing and in your composition manipulations. Although not required, this is a good tool to develop unique colour palettes.


This is an app thats allow students and teachers to receive feedback as they progress in learning. It is a student response system and I will be using this to create quizzes and review content before exams. For example, we will review the vocabulary we have learned and art history dates using your smart phones.

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