Severe Thunderstorms

Severe thunderstorm definition is a not lasting  storm of lightning and thunder , usually rain and gusty winds , sometimes with hail or snow , produced by cumulonimbus clouds .

How do Thunderstorms Form?

If a thunderstorm forms it needs a cold front  , unstable air , moisture , and  a lift.

What  Are Causes of Severe  Thunderstorms?

Some of the causes of severe thunderstorms is unstable air and moisture. Also more   cause is gusty winds , heavy rain and any type of precipitation.

Human Impacts

Some human impacts are  


Lift -  to move something to a higher position

Cumulonimbus clouds - a cloud of pointing out  of thunderstorm conditions  

Precipitation - snow, sleet ,hail , rain and etc

Cold Front - a zone separating two air masses


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