Help Wanted -Lawyer

Looking for

Someone with a degree in law and the ability to prosecute or defend anyone in a court of law. and needs at lest a Masters degree from collage.As for your working activities you'll spend your time gathering information and studying for the next case.However you must be interested in the united states law or country that you'r in.Your working conditions should be fine for and man or women.Now for work values you must put law and order above all else.lastly you must be skilled in things such as critical thinking,speech,and complex problem solving


Annual salary

your average salary should be around 93,600 up to 114,300.  

other fields of experience.

Law enforcement and special agencies ex. FBI

Growth potential for this filed.

Is about 16% to 22% from the years 2016 till 2022

what kind of caller will you be wearing.

you will be in the white caller class of the work force.

BY: Wilson book

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