Part 1 Karl Marx

-Karl Marx's first description for the Communist Theory was that man lived in a state of nature that forced him to struggle for survival. To succeed in his struggle men formed relationships with those who had similar interest resulting in the formation of classes. This theory end's up evolving due to the cause of the Industrial Revolution. Marx believed that after a revolution people would come together to create a common good, all people would contribute their labor, all would take what they needed, National boundaries would disappear, and different social classes would not exist because everyone would be equal.

-The Industrial Revolution was a leading factor to the evolution of Karl Marx's idea of The Communist Theory. The Industrial Revolution had created a gap between the class structure's of the society. As Marx described in his word's the factory owner's and middle class were the (bourgeoisie) the factory worker's were the (proletariat). Marx believed that the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution had alienated the proletariat people and instead of them having pride in their skilled craftsmanship they performed unskilled, repetitive work with their machines. Karl Marx on the other hand disliked the bourgeoisie and described them as parasites. He also believed that the proletariat people would violently overthrow the bourgeoisie and they had nothing to lose but their chain's. This is when his new idea of The communist Theory became popular. He believed that after a revolution led by the people everyone would work together towards a common good, all people would contribute their labor, national boundaries would disappear and working classes would not exist because everyone would be equal. this idea became very popular between the working class. Although some worker's did not like the idea of banding together to create better condition's other worker's accepted his idea about a coming revolution and working towards a common goal.

Part 2 Lenin

-WW1 was a leading factor with Lenin's idea of the Communism Theory. With conflict's going on in Russia with Czars (leader's of Russia) refusing to change and Alexander the third not wanting to give the people power this led to many conflict's within the society. For instance, Bloody Sunday when the people or proletariat led a march and were attacked by the Russian Army. Not only with attacks affecting the people but also the rapid Industrial revolution that they went through in order to become more successful in war. There was very poor working condition's for the people and no benefit's. Even with going through the Industrial Revolution Russia continued to lose battles. Lenin saw this as a opportunity to go back into Russia and tried to establish a new government with the help of the Bolshevik party. The Bolshevik party was made up of the Red Guard Forces which were armed factory worker's. With the Bolshevik party coming into power Lenin started to promote idea's such as Peace land bread which ordered all farmland be distributed among the peasants. He signed the Treaty of Breast-Litovsk, he created the New Economic Policy which let peasant's keep surplus item's without having to turn them into the government, and allowed the people to have small business's and government without having to turn profit into the government. The government controlled major Industries, banks, and mean's of communication. The people like where Lenin was going with his idea of the Communist Theory because he allowed the people to have their own freedom. This made his Evolution of the Communist Theory popular within Russia.

-Lenin's evolution on the Communism Theory is that a small all powerful government rule's the people.

-Lenin and Marx both viewed that there would be a battle between the rich and poor.

-Lenin and Marx difference's was that Marx believed that the proletariat people would spontaneously lead a revolution while Lenin believed the proletariat's would have to be pushed by the Bolsheviks, and government in order to instigate the peasant's. While Marx believed that everyone had power, Lenin believed everyone had power but needed a strong government.

Part 3 Mao Zedong

-The Boxer Rebellion was a leading cause to Mao Zedong's idea of the Communism Theory. With starvation, extreme poverty, and grief following the Boxer Rebellion people were looking for someone to lead them in the right direction. This is when Mao Zedong stepped in. Zedong believed that the peasant's would be the leader's of a revolution. But not just any peasant's he believed it would be the peasant's from the rural (country) area. He did not believe in imperialism, militarism, and gentry. So this only promoted his idea of the Communism Theory even more with the rural peasant's. The leading class of china at the time.

-Zedong's evolution on the Communism Theory is the rural peasant's would control all factor's of production.

-Similarities that Zedong had with Lenin, and Marx was that the peasant's would be the leading factor of a revolution.

Part 4 Backlash

-Adolf Hitler was part of the German army early on his his career. He would later join a group called the Nazism who wanted to overturn the Treaty of Versailles, and combat communism. Hitler's first attempt to seize power was in Munich but failed and was arrested. After jail he created a group called the Schutztaffel or protected sqaud. This group was out to find communist's. Not only was Hitler trying to challenge communism but also the leader of Japan Hirochito and Benito Mussolini of Italy. Hirochito, Hitler, and Mussolini all created an alliance which was called the Axis Power's. This group of men all went against the idea of communism by using the government system of a dictatorship. Not allowing the people to have a say, and keeping power to themselves. People suffered from this. For example the Jewish people. Hitler saw the Jew's as a lower class, as people who supported communism so he decided to get rid of them by sending them off to concentration camp's. This was an act of Absolute power of the State. When a person take's complete control over all major part's of the society.

Part 5 Canada

-A socialist country is Canada. one socialist group of many in Canada is the Sovereigntist Parti Quebecois. this group has been around since 1961. this group has created a universal healthcare for the people, a human right's code, and Canada's social safety net. This group look out for the good of people in the community and pay attention to the need's of the people. the people had a say in the Human right's code and what they wanted on there. For example, they created a part of the code which was called the Purpose of Act. The Purpose of act states that each person of the society is in charge of being consistent with their duties and obligations as a member of the society. the Socialist group complied with this request.

-This type of socialism/communism can be compared to Lenin. Lenin believed in a small all power government ruled the people. Canada is compared to this because these socialist group's rule the people and comply with what the people ask for but do it in a way that benefit's the society.

Part 5 Reaction/So What?

-In my opinion I think there is a better solution then the practice of the communism theory. In order for communism to work all people have to be in agreement with one another. This is never going to happen because everyone has different view's and opinion's on thing's. There will always be different social classes whom which will never agree with each other. A better system in which the U.S has now is a Democratic system. All people have a say in what happens in the country and even if the social classes clash with each other there will never be one with superior power over the other because all people have equal right's.

Kelly Lugo




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