End of Year Project

Persuasive Essay  

   We need good people in this world because they bring peace and equality to everybody . They make the county or the world a better place to actually be in.

     In this world full of bad people all we see is war ,violence , and disagreement in every single decision made . Why let bad people let them run our worlds with pure negativity when we can have positivity throughout the world . Making everything easier or less complicated to run the county or some sort of government . Peace between other countries is what we need right now more than ever . Innocent people die because of the violence bad people put upon .  

      Also equality plays a big part in having good people . They don't judge where you're from or what ethnicity you're from . There will be no distinguish in people and where in life they're suppose to be living . Everybody will be accepting to each other instead of demeaning  them by the race .

   In conclusion good people bring good benefits to the world . Let's live in a world of happiness instead of a world full of nothing but negativity due to people who don't know what good is. It's important to have good people for the sake of humanity.

Letter of recommendation

May 15, 2015

Alma Ortiz

   I met Alexa Rodriguez in Head Start PR-K school and known her ever since . She went to Vilas Elementary  , Wiggs Middle School and now attending El Dorado 9th grade academy . She is very outgoing and very active person . She is very athletic she has done Soccer since she was 5 years old till now ,did Basketball 2 years , Track 2 years , and Cross County that's where she gets her active side of her . I would like to send this letter out to show that Alexa Rodriguez is a good worker and will out stand  in this job physically and mentally .

Alma Oritz



Cover letter


Alexa I. Rodriguez


8795 Lingwood


My profession goal is Law enforcement

Vilas Elementary 6yrs Wiggs H. Middle school 3yrs El Dorado 4yrs .

I Did soccer in Elementary  1-5 grade

Soccer in Middle school 7-8 grade

Track in middle school 7-8 grade

Basketball in middle school 7-8grade

Cross country 8grade

Soccer high school 10-12grade

Track high school 10-12grade

Cross country 1o-12 grade

Dual language magnet program 9-12grade

All AP classes in high school for 4 years.

Worked at Bettys Salon for for 2 years

Did hair

Make up


File organizer at All state  

Child day care

Educate kids

Teach them physical education .

I took speech classes since 6th Grade and I have an outstanding speech record and competing in competitions. I have the ability to speaking front a big crowd  and very good at proving what's right . Very positive and hard worker.

             Rodriguez Alexa Isabel

                    7645 Rock wall

                       El Paso TX 79936


Daniel Caudillo

Imagination lawyer

5959 Gateway Blvd

El Paso TX 79925

To Mr.Daniel Caudillo ,

   I am writing this letter to let you know my accomplishments in my job/ career life . I finished my whole required education which are Vilas Elementary, Wiggs H. Middle school, and ElDorado High school . I had enough speech classes and well prepared to gives speeches or any other form of public speaking . I had already started collage in the law firm field . I have a very high GPA and top 10 in my class .

        The job occupation I will want to apply for is exactly and image action lawyer in your Law FirmAttorney business . This has been my aspiration since I was 10 years old and now that I have the chance to be in this business  and pursue  clients dreams to become true .


Alexa I. Rodriguez