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Mexican food has a rich, traditional history dating back hundreds of years

There are many Mexican dishes that do not have to be spicy such as tacos, burritos and enchiladas. However, Mexicans use a lot of chiles in their dishes and that is where the spiciness comes from. Most people don't mind a little heat because it is worth the flavor you get from the chile. Some people just think hotter is better.

Modern Mexico is home to both an advanced industrialized economy and swaths of under-developed rural mountain ranges where residents survive on subsistence agriculture and government income transfer programs. Mexico has a growing high-tech manufacturing and service export sector, but it is also home to sizable informal economy, a secondary workforce of street food vendors, window washers, shoe shiners, and domestic helpers. In Mexico City, these two paradoxical aspects of the country’s economy often coexist within the same city block.

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