Factory Act of 1833
Act to improve working conditions for children working in factories.
. No child workers under nine years of age
. Employers must have an age certification
. Children around 9-13 must work no longer than nine hours
. Children around 13-18 must work no longer than twelve hours
. Children must be provided with at least two hours of schooling
. Children are not allowed to work at night
. Four factory inspectors are appointed to enforce the law
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Reform Act of 1832

Act passed by the parliment of the UK

. Disfranchised 56 boroughs, reduced another 31 to only one MP
. Created 67 new constitutes
. Broadened the franchise's property qualifications in the counties to include farmers, landowners, and shopkeepers
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Chartist Movement

Movement in the UK for:

. Votes for all men
. Equal electoral districts
. Abolition of the requirement that Members of Parliment be property owners
. Payment for MP's
. Annual general election and
. The secret ballot
The Chartist Movement ended in 1848, when the proposal was dejected for the third time. The first in 1839, and the second in 1842.
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Political Changes During the Industrial Revolution

Poster form the Chartist Movement (1837)
An example of the Factory Act of 1833 (1837)
Poster about the Reform Act of 1832

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