Extreme Leisure: Entertainment Which Can Cost Lives

Have you ever dreamed of breathtaking and leave indelible impressions? Or maybe even dare to dream? Here are some extreme entertainment, which dare not everyone and not everyone is determined to save one's skin. Before you set off such adventures worth to get an insurance.

Take a trip to South Africa and take a look into shark eyes. This adrenaline cost 1,500.00 South African rands. Although it sounds dangerous, this leisure is quite safe for you because of the shark cage which is made of steel. Only you would be closed in the cage, not the shark.

Have you heard the saying „run for your lives“? Go to Spain and if you will flee fast enough - this expression will gain a direct sense. Bulls herd people like an annoying flies there. Do you dream that you are flying? Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a bird? Try parachuting in Himalayas. This entertainment is not cheap ($ 25,000), but the feeling is worthy of every penny.

Downhill with a canoe from the waterfall, racing, jumping with rubber over crocodiles and many other extreme entertainment. Some of these attractions may be the last in your life, and the entertainment vendors like to jokingly ask „have you posted your last will“? The least thing you can do is to get an insurance.

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