What is the price for second hand Hyundai Accent?

Hyundai Accent Cars

Hyundai India has always been a much feted company in the car market. India has been a fertile area for the legendary car maker and some of its cars have attained immense popularity here. Indians have taken to Hyundai cars like fishes to water and the company has been able to take on even the formidable Maruti Suzuki in a few categories which is no mean feat indeed. Hyundai now has a firm grip on the market with top selling models like the i10, i20 and Verna which are all best sellers in their segments. It has also launched a new compact sedan, the Xcent recently. This is a successor to the Accent, one of the company’s reliable old workhorses in the Indian market.

The Accent was one of the first true blue executive sedans in the country, something that contributed to its popularity. It was also what you can call one of the first compact sedans, ideal for parking and maneuvering in congested cities with a full wheelbase as possessed by mainstream sedans. This was a plush, sophisticated city sedan that also came at a decent price point and this is what brought in loads of customers for the company. However, after a decade, the Accent is past its prime in the contemporary market; or so the company feels.

Not surprisingly, the Accent is extremely popular among those who look at Hyundai used cars at affordable prices. Used Accents are in great demand in major metropolises and this can be attributed to the quality and reliability offered by the car along with low maintenance costs. The original Hyundai Accent price for the new car went above the INR 5 lakh mark but used car models can be yours for as little as INR 1.8 lakhs, going up all the way to INR 3.5-4 lakhs in case of recent models which have not been used that extensively. The Accent was a favored alternative to its major competitor, the Maruti Suzuki Esteem in its heydays and it was always considered a car that was aesthetically pleasing by all means.

Hyundai’s fluidic design first attained iconic status with this cute sedan. Those looking for a budget sedan with the right amount of oomph, were more than satisfied with this car and this what keeps it going strong in used car markets across multiple cities. You can find out more information on the Hyundai Accent from car portals and websites. If you are looking for the best prices for used Accents, you can check out online classifieds portals like Quikr.com. These portals will allow you access to models sold in your chosen location in the country. You will be able to find multiple sellers along with getting the opportunity to view multiple prices quoted by sellers.

You can also post an advertisement stating your specifications, budgetary preferences and location with regard to finding a used Hyundai Accent on online classifieds portals. These portals will get you a flurry of responses within very little time. Moving on the car itself, one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the car is attributed to the fluidic design as mentioned earlier. The car has a prominent nose, wide grille and aggressive stance. The tail lights have been designed in a simple manner and go well with the overall design. The latest 2013 Accent model got a major facelift after some tweaks in 2012. The car appeared larger and came with more equipment than before. When you look at the interiors of the car, the quality of the plastics used in the cabin is decent enough and the controls are easy to access and use. The car has a distinct presence that surpasses the price you pay for it and this has proved to be its biggest USP in the bargain.

Styling and cabin quality are advantages that the Accent possesses over rivals like the Esteem and Ford Fiesta. The car engine is decent enough with fabulous fuel economy and performance. This is a cost effective car to own and is something that tilts the balance in its favor when one considers other used sedans for daily use. The car handles well on the highway and handling is reasonably good on most roads. Ride quality is another aspect where the Accent does a swell job and the company has sure worked on a comfortable suspension system. Passenger space is good enough with its low height being the only problem one can think of. Legroom at the front is good and decent at the rear. Glove boxes and storage spaces are neatly organized and there are decent safety features installed in the car.

This depends on the model however and top level variants come with all the equipment including ABS and airbags. You can also land a model with leather upholstery if you are lucky. Other features include air conditioning, power windows in case of particular variants and power steering which provides a responsive driving experience of sorts. The car offers decent performance on crowded city roads and is not subject to a lot of wear and tear. Used Hyundai Accent buyers have to be careful of the mileage though. It has been seen that some used cars delivered significantly lower mileage than expected. This can lead to a problematic situation if you are not too careful.

If your used Accent dishes out 8-9 kilometers per liter as maximum fuel economy on a regular basis, you should take it for a checkup. Alongside, the clutch plate, brakes and oil filter are other areas that you should check thoroughly when buying a used Hyundai Accent. Otherwise, the Hyundai Accent makes for a wonderful purchase on account of driving pleasure, quality, responsiveness, compact dimensions and truckload of features. The best part is that you can actually land a quality sedan at a much lower price than expected! The Accent, though officially extinct, continues to make history in used car markets!

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