International Alliance of Inhabitants visit Tunisia Dej Dej Slum Community in preparation to World Social Forum 2015.24th-28th March..

Engaging commumity organizers in Dej Dej Community in the outskirt of Tunis.

Following the overthrow of former Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali whom was overthrown by a popular revolution in 2011 famously known as "Jasmine Revolution" Thousands and hundreds of Tunisians embarked in repossession of community land and his  illegally acquired assets assets,among the people whom benefited in this forceful acquisition of land was Dej Dej community,located within the City of Tunis.The community mainly urban poor working in plastic and metal industries around the city,settled in 12 acre prime land that was initially owned by wife of Ben Ali famously known as "Queen of Cathage" a hairdresser who reportedly fled the country during the revolution with 1.5 tons of gold bars worth ¬£35 billion. The reports  later denied.