The Life  0f Ned Kelly


Is Ned Kelly a hero or villain?

Lets start from the beginning Ned's father was sent to Australia as he stole two pigs and as a punishment he was sent to Australia. Soon after he married Ellen and had eight children including Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Kate Kelly, Anne Kelly Gunn, Margaret Kelly Skillion, Mary Jane Kelly, James Kelly, Grace Kelly. The Kelly's were well known at a young age for their cattle duffing. At nine years old Ned saved a boy from drowning in a creek near school as a sign of the family gratitude there gave Ned a green and gold sash. So is Ned Kelly a hero a savior of the little boy or a criminal how steals cattle from neighbors.

Many people think that the Kelly family were victimised by the police. To some the bushranger Ned Kelly is one of Australia's greatest folk heroes. A police officer at the time, Fitzpatrick, claimed Ned was out to kill him when he came to arrest Dan Kelly but Ned wasn't even there. Also three weeks after Ned got out of prison the police  accused Ned of stealing a horse he was riding but at the time horse was stolen he was still in jail. Yet, when Ned was sentenced to death thousands of people rallied to  save his life. He stood up to the authorities and fought for what he  believed in. The Kelly gang defended the rights of people who had no power.

    a Ned Kelly song

Ned Kelly was a thief, a bank robber and a murderer. He was in trouble  with the law from the age of 12. He stole hundreds of horses and cattle.  He robbed two banks. He killed three men. Was this man really wanted on the streets among others.He was a danger to society  and in a way deserved his punishment. Ned Kelly died in Melbourne jail Ned was hung and his bones buried in the halls of the same jail. He helped a criminal Harry Power in a heap of robberies. We are encouraged to report criminals no to join there bad  ways. 

A big part of Ned's life is that day he saved a young boys life from drowning.On their way to school the Kelly children, along with the rest of children crossed a river , 'Hughes Creek', and one day a young boy called Richard Shelton slipped and fell into a deep waterhole. He was on the point of drowning when Ned Kelly, aged ten or so,risking his own life, dived in and saved the young boy.

(young boy) It was like any other day walking to school with the other children until all of a sudden I was over my head in water. I felt my breath taken away and I knew I was another victim of the Hughes creek. Out of no where arms raped around me and I was lifted out of the water. My hero Ned Kelly was rewarded with a green and gold threaded sash. I am was lucky to live that day.

(Ned Kelly) On my way to school we cross the Hughes creek and the chid in front of me slipped and stumbled in to the water. with out thinking I quickly jumped in I thought once I grabbed him I was to late. Then the boy started spiting out the water from muddy creek before he took me to his house. when I was there the family gave me a green and gold sash. I found this sash important it must had been very expensive.

ned at the age of ten

1879 ned Kelly wote this letter

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