Geek Chique: The Nerdy Kitchen

Too long has society required us to check our passions at the office door. Too long has our nerdy obsession been deemed unseemly or pretentious. Too long have we been forced to choose between geekery and food. Today we take a stand. No more!

1. Easy as Pi Tea Towel

How many times have you been teased for doing calculations on any available piece of paper, napkins included? How many times have you been mocked for saying math is beautiful? Put beautiful math on washable towels and say "what now, bitches?"

Answer: Math. Math now.

2. Gourmet Grammarian Plate Set

Save the world from bad grammar one guest at a time. They can't even complain they're too hungry to focus on a lesson right now.

3. Exception to the Ruler Napkin Rings

A new way to spark the old debate: metric or standard?

Bonus: Semantics fans will enthusiastically point out the irony of the "standard" system not being remotely standard, followed by a (justified) rant on the chronic misuse of  the term "irony."

4. Bites and Pieces Sandwich Cutter

What is better than a sandwich with no crusts? This. This is better.

WARNING: Consider how many sandwiches you can actually eat before attempting to make a life-size tetris game out of PB&J.

5. Meow for Measuring Cups

Cats, or, the Reason the Internet exists. See also: your kitchen.

6. Beats Per Minute Kitchen Timer

Time is infinite. Vinyl holds infinite sound data. A match made in...well, probably somewhere in the dawn of physics.

7. Elementary, My Dear Container

Okay, so compounds and solutions don't technically get periodic table labels, but you don't want to accidentally put HCl on your salad.

8. Pour and Shoot Espresso Cup Set

"I'm shooting some kids today."


The photographer's never ending semantic trouble. Better start the day with some shots.