Neil Dhillon: Communications Specialist

Neil Dhillon is a Washington, DC lobbyist who has thirty years of experience in public affairs, strategic communications, and the Federal government. He is skilled at strategic thinking, management excellence, and resource management, and possesses a solid background in business management.

As a communications specialist, Neil Dhillon draws on his years in politics to be an asset to many professional consulting, communications and lobbying firms throughout the nation’s capital. He is a former Chief of Staff to California Democrat Bob Matsui, having served the Congressman from 1988 until 1993. That was the year he was appointed by then-President Clinton to be Deputy Assistant Secretary for Government Affairs. Those two positions provided Neil Dhillon with an insider’s perspective on how power works, and he has used this to serve several high-profile Washington-based lobbying and consulting firms, including Hill & Knowlton, Financial Dynamics, Ruder Finn and the MSL Group.

In 1998 Neil Dhillon became the Senior Vice President at Hill and Knowlton, where his business acumen led the firm to be named “Agency of the Year” for six straight years. He had many major corporate clients, including the Ford Motor Company, Boeing, American Airlines, British Midland Airways, Riddell Helmet Manufacturing, Encore Capital Group, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the International Olympic Committee, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, eBay, and Hewlett Packard.