Neil Dhillon: Global Public Affairs Professional

It takes a special kind of person to become a public affairs professional. They have to keep their wits about them at just about every moment and be fully aware of the present stakeholders in every scenario. They need to be informative, confident, sensitive to every issue and conscious of their surroundings. When applied to a global scale, all of these qualities need to be translated through different languages and cultural mediums.

Neil Dhillon embodies that type of professional; he is smart, worldly, business-minded and ambitious. He is a deal translator and a conductor of revenue that creates win-win situations for business and government officials across the globe. His work has impressed board rooms, executive offices and public agencies on multiple continents. He has a knack for finding the ways in which both parties can benefit from a relationship, and then bringing them together for a handshake. As a master communicator and businessman, he builds bridges so that companies can grow alongside the very groups that support them.

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