Cell Phone Credit Card Scanners

By : Jessica Baker

The innovation I chose to further investigate was the cell phone credit card scanner. This innovation has had a huge impact on our society, our economy, and culture as a whole. Although this innovation has brought a great  deal of convenience to our culture as well as growth to our economy , it also has had a negative impact as well. 

Convenience & Growth

This innovation has brought growth to small business owners who previously were only able to accept cash or checks, this opened doors for many businesses to make more profit in return boosting the economy. The cell phone scanner also made purchasing items or services more convenient by allowing consumers to swipe their credit card/debit card without having to go withdrawal money from an ATM.  The American culture is all about wanting things quick and easy and this innovation provides that to the American people.

Negative Impact

One negative impact that this innovation has had on consumers has been debt. Cell phone scanners are not the only cause for credit card debt but it is providing consumers with tools that make it easier to swipe their credit cards. Our culture now a days rarely carries cash anymore, we are pretty much a plastic society which makes it extremely easy to get into debt. Swiping a card is different then actually seeing cash leave our wallets because when someone pays with cash they can physically feel and see the money leaving their wallets but with a debt card or credit card we don't actually see the bank account number go down or up, until we check our balance online.

The second negative impact this innovation has had on consumers is security concerns. I am not saying that every business that uses cell phone credit card scanners are credit card frauds, but this innovation has given anyone who has access to a cell phone and a cell phone credit card scanner device the opportunity to easily commit fraud. The scary thing it that if it is not a big organization or credible chain you're buying a product or service off of then you can be buying off of literally anyone. Yes, cell phone credit card scanners do have security software and skimmers but there are ways to manipulate software encryption. Even though this innovation is very convenient for quick and easy spending, however it also has a negative impact by making consumers worry more about who they gave their information to when they were using the innovation.

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