Nelson Deedle

Autograph Expert - Self Employed

About Nelson Deedle

Nelson Deedle has devoted his career to protecting the integrity of the autograph and pop culture memorabilia industry. As a consultant, authenticator, and well-known collector of signed music and entertainment memorabilia, Mr. Deedle works with auction houses, memorabilia trading firms, and private clients to verify the legitimacy of signatures on everything from photographs to rare historical documents. Nelson Deedle has been responsible for identifying several prominent forgeries.

A leading member of the field, Nelson Deedle has written numerous articles that have appeared in every major industry publication, and he frequently consults with prominent private clients interested in building their own memorabilia collections. His many celebrity clients have included the late Michael Jackson and Dame Elizabeth Taylor. In addition, Mr. Deedle served as an archivist for the estate of Elliott Roosevelt, the well-known author and son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During his more than two-decade career in the business, Mr. Deedle has acquired eight memorabilia companies and amassed a collection of thousands of signed photographs of well-known figures from around the world.

In addition to his dedication to the memorabilia industry, Nelson Deedle supports a wide range of philanthropic initiatives. He has donated memorabilia from his private collection to several charitable fundraisers. He also maintains an active presence in his local community, and he has become a major advocate for children with disabilities.

Nelson Deedle graduated from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University, where he majored in Communications and minored in Business.

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