Anne's Colors

Anne Frank Tackk. Jessica Hunt. Period 5.

I think that Anne is trying to tell Peter that they are alike in a lot of ways. Because she tells him, that they are just kids and their opinion on the world does not count yet, that they are both on the same side. She is trying to tell him that they should express their opinions to one another to help each other, with their problems. I think Anne really enjoys expressing her self to Peter, because she really doesn't have nobody to talk to and everybody tries to compare her to her sister, when she isn't nothing like her sister Margot. Ane gets tired of people complaining about her always doing things wrong, when she is really trying to do her best. I think that Anne is starting to like Peter because he is the only one that listens to her when nobody else does in the Annex and also helps her when she is sad. Maybe Peter feels something for Anne too, but he isn't expressing it to her or anyone else. I think that they are scared to tell each other and what their parent will think about them.

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